Our process technologies for synthesis, isolation and purification of chlorinated Oligo- und Polysilanes enables us to produce a portfolio of performance materials for high-tech applications.

Commercial examples of such products are hexachlordisilane (HCDS), octachlorotrisilane, (OCTS) and derivates of these compounds like disilane and trisilane. 

We developed our know how for making and handling of ultra high purity materials for years. Established processes and qualified personnel enable us to produce quality "Made in Germany". Day by day.

In our R&D, we develop novel semiconductor and ceramic precursor materials which may become enablers for future technology generations Examples are applications in printed electronics, in new PV technology generations, for hard coatings, composit materials, nanostructures and much more.



Hexachlorodisilane (Si2Cl6, HCDS)

Octachlorotrisilane (Si3Cl8, OCTS)

Decachlorotetrasilane (Si4Cl10, DCTS)

Dodecachloro-neo-pentasilane (Si5Cl12, DCNPS) 

Pentachlorodisilane (Si2HCl5, PCDS) 

Tetrachlorodisilane (Si2H2Cl4, TCDS)


new products:

Dodecachloro-cyclo-hexasilane (Si6Cl12, DCCHS)

Cyclo-hexasilane (Si6H12, CHS)

Tetrabromosilane (SiBr4, TBS)

Diiodosilane (SiH2l2, DIS)