• PSC Polysilane Chemistry GmbH produces high-purity, chemical specialty silicon chemistry products. Our products are used in microelectronics, were latest chip generations impose most challenging requirements
  • We produce and develop in Germany, in a chemical industry region between Leipzig and Berlin
  • Since more than 10 years, our key persons developed a deep knowledge and industrial competence in the field of chlorosilane chemistry, particularly in the field of chlorosilane based oligomers and polymers.
  • We developed our innovative technologies into established, robust production processes and operate them in a daily routine way.
  • We developed proprietary technologies and know how for synthesis, isolation and handling of ultra high purity,   chlorinated oligo- and polysilanes and transfered them into ton-scale production.
  • Whether you are looking for reliable supply with precursor products in the ton-scale or for  tailored solutions for next-generation processes and applications - our team is fast, competent and eager to find a solution.
Our Vision
  • We use revolutionary new approaches of silicon chemistry to overcome traditional limitations and to create
    solutions for the future.
  • We reduce costs of already existing higher grade silane-based performance materials significantly.
  • We open the path towards many new, up to now not industrially available high performance materials.

Our Mission
  • PSC produces high-performance materials based on Si-Si bonds, stretching the limits of technology for our customers.
  • With a high level of professional competence and experience, we make sure that our products are among the best in the world.
  • Our electronic precursor products - made in Germany - are amongst the highest purity materials that mankind has ever produced.
  • We continuously improve and innovate our processes to make sure that we can continue to supply our customers with best products at attractive prices.  
  • Together with our customers and partners we are eager to explore applications of tomorrow and beyond. We are convinced: Our material platform has only just begun to open new doors.

Management Team

Matthias Heuer
  • Managing Director
  • Sales



Dr. Sven Holl
  • Manager: Operations, Production
Dr. Christian Bauch
  • Manager: Quality Control
  • Research and Development